This Cabinet Type Can Hide Small Kitchen Appliances—And Even Laundry Machine


Photo courtesy of deVOL
As far as your creativity goes during a kitchen renovation, the sky’s the limit. As far as your cupboards go, it’s the ceiling. More and more people are installing tall kitchen cabinets in their space. Typically measuring up to 8 feet in height, they can hold bulky toasters, blenders, and stand mixers (things you might usually shove in a walk-in pantry, place on top of the refrigerator, or leave out on the counter). They also happen to be perfect for storing cleaning supplies like brooms and Swiffers, and the great thing is no one will ever suspect you’re using them to hide utilitarian items. To help you on your tidying journey, we gathered tall kitchen cabinet inspiration from some of our favorite spaces. 

Keep Spices on Standby
Photography by Agathe Tissier-Dumont; Design by Camille Architectures
Situated on a stone plinth so as to not lose so much countertop space, this skinny upper cabinet is ideal for spices and oils (it’s conveniently located next to the stovetop). The adjacent open shelves allow you to turn the whole moment into a decorative statement. The niches are the perfect size for a small vase or candle—little luxuries that match all the function with some form. 

Combine Cabinet Sizes
Photography by Emily Hart
Stack a short cabinet on top of a taller one to take full advantage of the height of the room. The highest nook can be used for storing delicate china or decor you only need to access seasonally. 

Ditch the Stool
Photography by dustin aksland
In the case that you have to access said seasonal items and fancy dishware frequently, install a rolling ladder. This will save you the trouble of having to lug a folding one from the garage or risk your life standing on a wobbly counter stool.

Think Deep
Photo courtesy of DeVol
Don’t just make your cabinets tall—take advantage of horizontal space, too. This DeVol-designed pantry goes so far back there’s even room for a little breakfast bar inside (peep the toaster and French press sitting on top of the stone counter). Smaller containers and dry goods can hang from racks on the insides of the doors. 

Open Sesame
Photo by Sara Tramp Ligorria; Designed by Emily Henderson Design
A tall kitchen cabinet can also be an entertaining moment. When closed, this nook blends seamlessly into the wood-clad wall. But when opened, it’s a full-on minibar, complete with glassware, cocktail-making tools, and a wine cooler. 

Do Your Laundry While You Wash the Dishes
Photo Courtesy of Studio McGee
No laundry room, no problem: Stack your washer and dryer inside a tall cabinet à la Studio McGee, which added two doors, so if you only need to get to the dryer, you can do so quickly. It even added a shelf inside for detergent. Your kitchen will be a one-stop chore shop.

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