Wall Mounted Cabinets

Ok, so I finally got around two hanging 3 Husky wall-mounted cabinets above my workbench which went smoothly, but not without some concern. The cabinets are not designed to hold serious weight and nor is it my intention to exceed the cabinet's 50 lb capacity, yet still I worry about a fastener failure which would be catastrophic. My 56 Chevy when parked in the center of the garage would be a couple feet from the workbench. That said, a failure would not only be a risk to me (or others), but also to my "baby". The fasteners are a 1/4" X 2" and screwed into studs (cabinet hanging bracket). Beyond adding additional fasteners (wallboard grabbers between the studs), would adding a L bracket to the bottom of the cabinet (screws into studs) do anything meaningful to support the cabinets weight? To reduce vertical shifting of the cabinet under load to lessen the chance of a lag screw from sheering?

I don't plan on storing heavy items in these cabinets. Some small power tools, but mostly lightweight items. Typically speaking, I store the heavier items in floor cabinets.

I attaching pictures of the cabinets and also a small piece of the L bracket just to make sure that everyone understands my post.

Thanks in advance.

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