Work Smarter: 8 Ways to Boost Focus in a Home Office

The average human attention span does not last more than 8 seconds. Shocking, right? To overcome that poor attention span, finding a way to enhance focus and increase efficiency is the key.

Staying focused in a home office environment is hard, where there is no pressure from the supervisors. But there are ways to shift your attention on work and not on what is moving around or numerous notifications from gadgets. Good news is boosting focus does not mean work harder, but work smarter.

Work Smarter: 8 Ways to Boost Focus in a Home Office

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8 Tips to Improve Concentration in a Home Office

Contrary to popular belief, working from home is more difficult. Most people try to squeeze in the daily chores between the working hours,messing up their work-life balance. They often lag behind their daily and weekly schedules despite spending hours on the desk or in front of the computer.

These 8 tips can save you from the doom. With the right mindset, plan, and decoration, you can create an environment that reduces distractions and fosters focus.

1# Have a dedicated workspace.

Prepare a separate room or carve out a spot just for work, even if you live in a studio apartment. Staying on the couch or bed with the laptop means you are still amid all those distracting elements. Concatenation warrants the right mindset, which depends on the right environment.

Having a dedicated office helps you to get in the mood for working. If you use a separate room or transform the garage into your home office, call the Happy Home Moving company. They will handle your moving needs even for a single-room office. You can knock them here at

2# Take out all the distractions.

Clutter works as the kryptonite for productivity. Having a messy workspace means everything is vying for your attention and making it hard to concentrate.

A file cabinet and several storage boxes will be useful for organizing. Your main concern should be to get stuff off your desk and counters.

3# Use half window curtains.

You cannot shut down the outside activities visible from your windows, and sometimes that is too distracting. Moving the desk to another spot or covering the windows with thick blinds are not the solutions. Rather, put curtains on the lower part to block sights but let in sunlight.

4# Reduce visual clutter.

An organized place can still look cluttered just because of cramming it with too many furniture pieces. Bring only the necessary ones featuring simple design so that your sight floats from one end to the other without any obstruction.

5# Pick a color palette.

Colors are real mood swingers. They can make you feel gloomy or uplift your spirit in a moment. Soft colors, including white, cream, and beige, are the safest options but choose the paints that affect your mood and productivity. A sunny yellow is a mood booster, green calms the mind, and blue offers stimulation.

6# Light up the place.

A well-lighted place creates a positive effect on the mind. The working area should have enough lighting so you dont need to strain the eyes. Use a combination of desk, floor, and wall lamps in the absence of overhead lighting.

7# The lighting should be calming.

Cool white bulbs are better than warm yellow bulbs as they create a cooler, more serene environment, helping with the clarity of mind and maintaining concentration. Never go for blue novelty bulbs as their illumination has an unnatural rich blue tint, which is distracting.

8# Turn on the music.

Playing your favorite music can turn the home office into a happy place. Music helps many people focus on their thoughts and work. If you are one of them, invest in a music system to play your preferred tunes in the background.

The Wrap-Up

The key to creating a smart workplace is identifying the distracting elements and replacing them with something that improves your dwindling attention span. Treat the focus as a muscle and build it carefully around the things that bring back your composure.

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